Banned Google Glass Apps!

If you thought app development was all about being creative and exciting, then you are in for a real shock. Especially, when it comes to Google Glass Application Development. We all know that he glass is a wearable computer and performs a lot of tasks without any human effort. It can give you results or answers just by saying out loud the task that you want it to do.

However, developing apps for this crazy cool gadget is as difficult as it is exciting. I mean, really, do you have any idea at all what the device ‘feels’ like when you wear it (let alone use it for some activity)? My bet is not yet. There are only a handful companies all over the world who actually own the glass and use it for Google Glass Application development.

So if you are an entrepreneur, how do you know what kind of apps to prepare and ones not to? Well, it’s pretty simple: DO SOME RESEARCH! I am so tired of businessmen approaching my Google Glass Apps development company and telling me to prepare an “app that makes profit” for their firm.

I mean, if you are really serious about investing money towards some technology that you have absolutely no clue about, the least that you can do is try to get some information about it. Just open a few website that give details about the Google Glass and then approach a Google Glass development company.

Can’t we make any kind of apps on Google glass?

NO. Any decent Google Glass applications development company will tell you that there are many rules and intricacies to developing apps for the glass. Since glass is a relatively superior technology, its ability to do a lot of things (including mal practices) is much higher.

This is why Google has stated a few basic guidelines which tell us the kind of apps that are absolutely forbidden from being developed for the Google Glass. Now if you do not approach a reputed or experienced Google Glass development company, you might have to spell this out yourself. So, reading about it is very important.

What are these apps?

Of course, the list of don’ts is much smaller than the list of dos but it is very important to know them both. Here are the few absolutely forbidden apps on Glass that you must know about:

1. Apps on Google Glass cannot be used for Air traffic controlling
2. Apps on Google Glass can never be used to control, maintain, manage or access any nuclear facility, plant, unit or project
3. Glass apps should not be chargeable for the end users
4. You cannot put or include advertisements in any glass app
5. Glass apps should not be used for any under water activity
6. Glass apps should not be made to monitor, manage, access or use any form of life support system

Most of these guidelines are pretty basic and any sane developer would advise you against doing so. However, the world is full of crazy people and sometimes it is best to spell things out in black and white for the benefit of everyone. In case you still have doubts try checking the official website of Glass. They have many interesting and informative memes.

Google Glass Development Company

If you are a technology savvy person or even understand how beneficial it is for business, then you would surely know what Google Glass app development has done to the digital world. It has opened new avenues of marketing your own brand to a much larger customer group that ever before.

How does Google glass development help business?

Developing an app on Google Glass will automatically give you access to the entire community using Glass. Today it might seem like a handful but like any technology, this too will become one of the most popular and widely spread devices in the world.

Google Glass application development is relatively new. This gives you an opportunity to etch a mark for yourself much before your competition does. That way, you will be successfully converting your potential customers into long time loyal patrons.

Why do you need a Google Glass apps development company ?

Google glass is new. There aren’t going to be too many developers in the digital sphere who work on their own and yet are proficient with the operating system. Let’s face it, the Glass is expensive. And any freelancer would hardly buy one purely for the purpose of learning it inside out and developing stunning apps.

This is where a Google Glass apps development company gets an advantage. You have to of course look for a reputed company. They will have the resources to have invested in the device itself and training their professionals on how it functions.

It allows people working for a Google glass Development Company know all the features of the device and create app that not only enhances the features of the device itself but incorporates your core business within the app in a way that makes you popular amongst your potential customer group.

What not to do while developing apps for the Glass?

With a piece of technology as hot as the Google Glasses it is easy to go wrong. You have to be careful about quite a few things before you take the leap.

1. Know the device: it is as important for you to know the device as it is for your developer. You are after all handing your business reputation to someone else. What’s more, you might not be very familiar with technology but if you know the device and how it works, you will be able to understand all that your app can do.
2. Don’t wait for an idea: if you think that you will one day be struck by a golden arrow that will inspire to create a never before kind of an app, then you are wrong. Inspiration doesn’t come looking for you. You have to go down and search for it. This is why it is important that you scour the internet thoroughly and identify app building possibilities on your own.
3. Don’t try everything all at once: We do agree that the Glass is a genius device and it offers so many features that it is easy to be tempted to try everything all at once. Remember that the users are new at using the Glass and if you had to really look for a feature, chances are that your customer too will. Keep it simple and try to give the user a good time using the app by him.

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